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Eagles, Kings & Royals

September 5, 2020

West of you was hassle, turf battled over by Latin Eagles, Latin Kings, and a hillbilly gang known as the Simon Metropolis Royals. Most each storage was tagged with graffito. It acquired worse each block. When the Cubs practically did one thing proper in 1969, Wrigleyville was a struggle zone. Latino gangsters actually stood on the sidewalks taunting followers or worse. If there wasn’t a recreation there was no cause to be there. If and once you ventured that path, to catch a bus or go to the arcade, you stashed lunch cash in your sock and some payments in your pocket to repay the muggers.

You’d accrued a hodge-podge of buddies, misfits such as you, who hid in books and hobbies, and nonetheless others extra doomed by their circumstances. Some would be part of gangs or defy them, at all times combating or fleeing. Collectively you had been a gaggle of electrons in an unstable atom. Catching fish within the lake. Avoiding being caught in an alley. God solely is aware of what glue held you collectively. Comedian books. Movies. Music. However quickly got here liquor, tablets and weed; these false prophets that triggered you a lot ache whereas pretending to melt it. And thru all of it, these alluring and delirious creatures from distant, unobtainable shores, sirens that beckoned you to today: Ladies.

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